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AVT high purity egg yolk lecithin PC-98T(for injection)DMF No. 7659



How much do you know about AVT natural phospholipids (for injection) ? As a supplier of phospholipid pharmaceutical excipients, AVT provides you with high-quality injection-grade natural phospholipids. Our natural phospholipids include egg yolk lecithin PC-98T, egg yolk lecithin PL-100M, egg yolk phosphatidylglycerol EPG, and soy phospholipid SPC series phospholipids , Hydrogenated soybean phosphatidylcholine HSPC series phospholipids, etc. As an injection-grade natural phospholipid, how much do you know about egg yolk lecithin PC-98T?

High Purity Egg Yolk Lecithin PC-98T

AVT high purity egg yolk lecithin PC-98T(for injection)DMF No. 7659-AVT (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Tech Co., Ltd

PC-98T is mainly used for alprostadil lipid microspheres or liposomes. When used in alprostadil lipid microspheres, it can reduce the amount of free prostaglandin E1, thereby effectively protecting prostaglandin E1 from being inactivated during heat sterilization. When used in liposomes, it can reduce the presence of non-liposomal phospholipids.

The product information of High Purity Egg Yolk Lecithin PC-98T is organized as follows:

1 English name:Egg yolk lecithin

2 Product name:PC-98T

3 Chemical Name:Egg yolk lecithin

4 Manufacturer:made in Japan

5 CAS NO.93685-90-6

6 DMF NO.7659

7 EINECS 297-639-2

8 Registration number:F20170000623

9 level:Pharmaceutical injection grade

10 Executive Standard:USP\JP\EP\CP

11 Use:Liposome, emulsifier

12 Character:White or off-white powder with specific odor

13 purity:Contains more than 90% of phosphatidylcholine (PC) (see COA for details)

14 Solubility:This product is easily soluble in methanol, ethanol or chloroform, soluble in ether, slightly soluble in n-hexane, and almost insoluble in water or acetone.

15 Storage Conditions:Below -20 ℃, shading and airtight

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