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Application introduction of DODMA injection grade cationic lipid material



Do you understand DODMA? This is a cationic lipid phospholipid. In this issue , I would like to introduce to you how DODMA can be used.

With the development of nanotechnology, nano-biomaterials have shown good development prospects in gene therapy. Cationic lipids include a group of amphiphiles that exhibit positive charges. These charges interact with negatively charged DNA/RNA, resulting in Form a complex containing concentrated genetic material. Cationic liposomes compounded with genetic materials are non-viral vectors that are expected to be used in gene therapy, including DODMA. What kind of cationic lipid material is DODMA?

Product name: DODMA

Chemical name: 1,2-dioleol-3-dimethylamino-propane

English common name: DODMA

CAS Number: 104162-47-2

Grade: Reagent

Molecular weight: 620.1

Molecular formula: C41H81NO2

Product characteristics: yellow clear liquid

Application: cationic lipid material

Storage conditions: -20±5℃, shading and airtight

Application of DODMA

As an environmentally ionized cationic lipid, due to the tertiary amine head group, N- [1-(2,3-dioxiranyloxy)propyl] -N,N,N-trimethyl chloride DOTMA shows a positive charge at low pH and has a moderate pKa value. By temporarily lowering the pH value, it can very effectively encapsulate 1,2-dioloxy-N,N-dimethyl-3-aminopropane (DODMA) during the synthesis process. Therefore, lipid nanoparticles with DODMA may have a neutral or low potential at physiological pH. These extraordinary structure-dependent properties have far-reaching application potential in gene therapy.

In addition to DODMA, the cationic lipid materials provided by AVT include DC-CHOL, DOTAP, DMG-PEG2000, DLin-MC3-DMA, DOTMA etc.

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