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Sucrose octasulfate X—special excipient for irinotecan liposome



In 2020, AVT launched a variety of new products: Trehalose (for injection) aseptic, sucrose (for injection), sodium hyaluronate pharmaceutical excipients, mRNA cationic lipid materials,transparent shading bottle,and then launch irinotecan liposome special excipients—Sucrose Octasulfate X salt.

Basic properties of Sucrose Octasulfate X

1. Product Name: Sucrose Octasulfate X   Sucrose octasulfate X—special excipient for irinotecan liposome-AVT (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Tech Co., Ltd

2. Molecular formula: C12H14X8O35S8

3. Character: white solid powder

4. Purity: 99.8%

5. Content: 100.7%

As a special adjuvant for irinotecan liposomes, what is the effect of Sucrose Octasulfate X?

As the chemical structure of irinotecan changes with the environmental pH, the two forms of irinotecan are in dynamic equilibrium. It is in lactone form under acidic condition, but in carboxylate form under physiological condition (pH 7.4). However, lactone ring is an essential structure for irinotecan to exert its anti-tumor activity. Therefore, it is necessary to find a suitable method to stabilize the lactone ring, which is the active site of irinotecan. Onivyde used sucrose octasulfate gradient loading to make irinotecan be stably encapsulated in weak acid internal aqueous phase in the form of precipitation.

AVT is committed to serving the high-end injection industry, and has been focusing on liposomes, fat emulsion, micro nano targeted preparations and other drug delivery systems. At the same time, it provides trehalose, sucrose, sodium hyaluronate and other injection excipients, and is the main excipient supplier of domestic well-known pharmaceutical enterprises, universities, research institutes and other units.

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