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The wonderful use of Chubby cationic hyaluronic acid



Sodium hyaluronate in cosmetics, skin care products in the main role of skin conditioning agent, moisturizer. Sodium hyaluronate to skin conditioners, is a kind of acid mucopolysaccharide, naturally in the skins of the cornea, can absorb 1000 times its own weight moisture, in order to achieve by retaining loss of skin moisture, prevent moisture the skin, and when the damage to the skin barrier repair, make skin won't feel dry after use, increase the luster, it can improve skin nutrition metabolization, Make the skin soft, smooth, wrinkle, increase elasticity, prevent aging, moisturizing at the same time is a good transdermal absorption promoter. Combined with other nutrients, it can play a better role in promoting nutrient absorption.

The Hyaloveil® -p is applied to sunscreen products to improve the skin sensation and moisturize the skin at the same time

We all know that skin dehydrates a lot after exposure to the sun, so the repair job after exposure is to immediately moisturize. Hyaluronic acid has a very good moisturizing effect. If you add our adsorbed Hyaloveil®-P to sunscreen, you can lock the moisture in your skin while preventing sun damage and keep your skin hydrated. We tested the sunscreen formula with Hyaloveil® -p and ordinary hyaluronic acid respectively. It was found that the addition of hyaluronic acid made the sunscreen easier to be rolled away and had a better smoothness. Compared with ordinary hyaluronic acid, Hyaloveil® -p had a more obvious improvement on skin smoothness. The sensory test results after applying the sunscreen showed that Hyaloveil® -p, compared with ordinary hyaluronic acid, had the same moisturizing effect on the skin while providing better skin moisture and better moisturizing effect.

Chobe Hyaloveil® -p is cationic hyaluronic acid that is adsorbed to skin and hair

The skin surface is usually negatively charged, and Hyaloveil® -p is a cationic hyaluronic acid with a positive charge. Therefore, Hyaloveil® -p is adsorbed to the skin surface through an ionic bond formed by positive and negative charges. So this adsorption is really not afraid of water flushing? To find out, we did the following skin adsorption test. The residual hyaluronic acid on the skin was determined by applying the same amount of common hyaluronic acid and adsorbed Hyaloveil® -p on the skin and washing it off with running water after a period of time. The results showed that the residual amount of adsorbed Hyaloveil® -p was up to 17 times that of normal hyaluronic acid after washing.

Hyaloveil® -p is designed to retain moisture even after cleaning

As mentioned earlier, Hyaloveil® -p has unique adsorption characteristics and is not afraid of washing by running water, which can realize the function of continuous moisturizing after cleaning. Therefore, Hyaloveil® -p can be applied to facial cleanser, which not only has a good cleaning effect but also can moisturize and lock water. We conducted a group of comparative experiments. The same amount of ordinary cleanser, ordinary hyaluronic acid cleanser and Hyaloveil®-P cleanser were used to clean the skin and remove moisture from the skin. After 5 minutes and 10 minutes, SKICON skin moisture tester was used to measure the water content of skin corneum. The experimental results showed that no matter 5 minutes or 10 minutes after the addition of Hyaloveil® -p cleanser, the water content of the skin still increased, and the increase of water content of the skin decreased with the increase of time. Overall, the skin moisturizing test confirmed that adding Hyaloveil® -p to the cleanser cleanses the skin while also increasing the moisture content of the skin.

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