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Analysis of surface adsorption mechanism of medicinal glass



Do you understand the surface adsorption mechanism analysis of medicinal glass in medicinal glass bottles? In this issue, LET AVT xiaobian take you to understand the adsorption mechanism on the surface of medicinal glass bottles!

On the surface of the glass there are silicon-oxygen broken bonds, which can adsorb hydrogen ions and form hydroxide ions. In this way, the glass surface can absorb various molecules under certain conditions, such as water molecules, lithium, sodium, barium, calcium, ammonium and other cations, can also absorb phosphoric acid and other anions, can also absorb organic acids with specific groups, biological enzymes and so on.

The glass and drug adsorption mainly have the following two mechanisms:

(1) ion exchange adsorption: in neutral or acidic solution, sodium ions and other alkali metal ions in glass are exchanged with hydrogen ions in liquid medicine;

(2) Adsorption generated by the reaction of some groups in the drug with glass: for example, some groups in the drug will break the bond with Si-O or adsorb with Si-OH after absorbing hydrogen ions through hydrogen bond.

The main factors affecting the surface adsorption of medicinal glass

The adsorption of drugs on glass surface depends on the drug itself, pharmaceutical glass production formula and technology and other external factors.

(1) The contact time and contact area between the drug and the glass container will affect the adsorption.
(2) The pH and ionic strength of the drug formulation also affect the adsorption of the drug in glass containers. The adsorption of protein-like drugs such as IgG antibodies on borosilicate glass is mediated to a large extent by electrostatic action.
(3) The adsorption amount of medicinal glass was positively correlated with stirring degree and temperature.

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